Sawing lumber in Billerica, MA, is much easier when you have a sawmill to give you a hand. These machines are able to cut through a multitude of shapes and sizes of logs with ease, which saves you the burden of trying to do it all by hand. Because of this, they can be used for the following wide variety of woodworking uses:

Specialty Wood Processing

Occasionally, a woodworker is able to fortuitously happen upon a heap of leftover specialty woods from another sawyer in Billerica, MA. In cases like this, the logs are often mismatched sizes that are not suitable for use without being trimmed up. So instead of letting them go to waste, many will tailor their project designs to what they have available. And a sawmill can help them immensely with the process.

Salvage Logging

Sawyers who have a portable sawmill for sawing lumber in Billerica, MA, can cut logs anywhere, which is handy after a storm blows through and fells a large amount of trees. This type of salvage logging has become increasingly popular with those who are trying to be conscious of the environment while they create their woodworking projects. And it doesn’t have to apply to only large logs. Lots of homeowners will allow the wood from their old barns to be salvaged by anyone who is willing to do the work to tear the structure down for them.

Mobile Log-Cutting Services

Having a portable sawmill is also important to construction companies who depend on the help of a mobile log-cutting service to be able to build their projects. These sawyers can create exact, custom pieces of wood on site. And this saves a lot of money since there is no need to worry about errors in measurements or long shipping times. Do-it-yourself handymen who want to build their own houses also appreciate this type of on-site cutting service because they can mark all of the measurements that they need directly on the logs, then let the sawyer in Billerica, MA, do the rest of the work.