When a sawyer goes to buy a portable mill in Bolton, MA, they can easily get confused because of all of the different options and styles that are for sale. But the shopping process really comes down to just three choices because that is how many types of blades that are available. So this article will discuss the qualities that make each of them unique as well as the ways that they can all be used.

Bandsaw Mill

Many sawyers choose to buy a bandsaw mill in Bolton, MA, because of its accuracy. A bandsaw mill in Bolton, MA, is a sawmill with a long band of jagged teeth that fits over one or two wheels, which looks similar to a drivebelt. It is turned by a motor with an adjustable speed mechanism. Logs can be cut one length at a time by pushing them manually through the the band of spinning teeth.

Chainsaw Mill

This type of portable mill in Bolton, MA, is also called an Alaskan mill because it is commonly used in the wilderness of the frigid state. It has either one or two chainsaws attached to it that are held up with long handles on the sides. To use it, two men hold it up in the air over the log that needs to be cut. Then, they push it across the surface. This is no easy task considering how heavy the machine is. But it works wonderfully for quickly shaping a rough piece of wood to work with.

Swingblade Mill

A swingblade mill gets its name from the way that its bandsaw blade swings back and forth. It is the most efficient type of sawmill to have since it makes cuts at different angles. In fact, many sawyers prefer this type of sawmill the most because it does all the jobs of the other mills at the same time, so they don’t have to buy three different pieces of equipment.