When you have your own sawmill, sawing logs in Bridgewater, MA, is a whole lot easier. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t any work involved in the process. To get wood boards to look their best, they have to be cut at the proper angle and width. Otherwise, the beautiful grain won’t show up. So one of the following three log-sawing methods must be chosen:

Plain Sawing

A local sawyer in Bridgewater, MA, will tell you that this is the fastest method to use if you have a large stack of logs that need to be processed fast. Simply, start at the top of the log while it is in a flat position, and cut across it in long, horizontal layers. You can leave the bark on when you do this, since the wood will still have to sit on the drying rack for at least a year anyways. It should be noted that plain sawing is usually reserved for cheap cuts of wood only though.

Quarter Sawing

Quarter sawing is the most popular way of sawing logs in Bridgewater, MA. First, a cut is made down the center of the log, which cuts the log in half. Then, both pieces are kept together and turned before another cut is made down the center again. This creates four long pieces of wood. Each of them are cut in layers though.

Rift Sawing

A local sawyer in Bridgewater, MA, that is truly skilled will always use rift sawing for their best logs. It takes a little extra time, but the results are worth it. To use this sawing method, cut the log into four pieces as if you intend to use the above mentioned quarter sawing method. But instead of cutting each of the quarters in a flat layer, the saw blade has to be adjusted to cut at a 90-degree angle. This has to be done very carefully though, because the object is to have pieces of wood that are the same size in depth. And an unskilled sawyer could accidentally create a large stack of boards that look more like wedges instead.