Fresh lumber needs at least a year to season before it is ready to use. That is a long time to wait if you are drying wood in Rochester, MA, for a big project though. But the wood needs this amount of time to dry out completely. However, the process can be sped up a little by storing all of the wood in a special building called a “drying room.”

What is a Drying Room?

A drying room for drying wood in Rochester, MA, is a large building that is kept for the sole purpose of storing fresh lumber that needs to be dried out. It has special fans that keep the air moving. So when the lumber is stacked on the shelves inside it, with spaces in between them, the moisture will dissipate much faster. Some sawmill services in Rochester, MA, with drying rooms also have heaters built into them for the wintertime when the air is naturally colder and wetter.

How do You Use a Drying Room?

As soon as you cut fresh lumber, it has to be brought into the building to be stacked in sections according to its size. Most sawyers with sawmill services in Rochester, MA, work on a wood-cycle program all year long. That means, new wood is put in the farthest part of the room. And completely dry wood is brought to the front. Wood that is in the other various stages of drying is set in between.

Who Needs a Drying Room?

Anyone who plans on processing quite a bit of lumber throughout the year needs their own drying room. If a person can’t afford to build an entire separate structure for this purpose, they can also just section off a portion of another outside building that they have, such as a garage or barn. Just be sure that where ever the wood is taken is up off the floor.