A portable sawmill in Berkley, MA, will last for at 15 years or more if it is cared for properly. This ensures that its original cost is more than covered after a sawyer mills thousands of logs with it for themselves and others. But to truly get the most value out of a piece of machinery like this, a person must first be sure that they pick out one that will suit their needs the most. So to help, the following is a list of important qualities to consider when choosing a sawmill in Berkley, MA:


You get what you pay for when it comes to a portable sawmill in Berkley, MA. Less expensive models tend to not be made as well as those that are in the middle to high range in price. The main reason for this is that they are made with better quality materials that last longer. They also come with extra accessories that get the job done faster, such as hydraulic pieces that push the wood through for you. So even if you are tempted to go with a cheaper model that will save you a few thousand dollars, don’t do it.


Another factor in choosing a sawmill in Berkley, MA, is the amount of wood production that you plan to do. A person who only wants to mill a few logs from their backyard occasionally for a woodworking hobby can get by with a simple chainsaw mill. But those who are planning to start a milling business to recover their initial cost of purchasing the expensive piece of machinery may want to choose one that has a bandsaw instead because it will reduce the amount of wood waste by 20% or more.


Sawyers really need to think through where they intend to do all of their milling. If they want to mill logs out in the woods near the trees that have been felled, then a portable sawmill is best. But portable sawmills take a little longer to use, so they won’t work for high-volume production. A swingblade mill is a better option because it can cut large logs for several hours straight without the blade dulling. However, all of the logs will have to be transported to the mill’s location since it isn’t movable. And this requires machinery to load the logs as well as a truck to haul them back and forth.