Portable Saw Mill Solution

If you are looking for a great new building on your property our portable sawmill services may be the best solution instead of purchasing your lumber from a lumber yard or having your logs hauled away to an offsite wood mill. If you have trees on your property that can be converted to lumber, it is less expensive to have your logs milled than to purchase logs cut to lumber from someone else. Also, when you have your own logs it often does not make sense to haul them off of your property only to have them returned after being milled. The cost to transport the wood before and after it has been through a sawmill can be significant.

Lumber for Storage Buildings

Storage buildings on your property give you that extra space that you are looking for to store your extra belongings, vehicles, or recreational vehicles. To cut down on the cost of building one of these buildings our remote lumber services bring the saw mill to you. We can cut your logs to your specifications on site with our portable saw mill. Not only does this cut down on the materials costs to build the storage building you want, it can also cut down on the time, money and elbow grease it takes to transport your lumber from a lumber yard or from an offsite wood mill. Time Well Wasted plans out your project with you so that your lumber is strategically located as close to the area that it will be used to complete your project. This reduces the labor required to do the job. We have milled wood for many customers who had the intent of building a new storage building.

Custom Cut Lumber for Your New Barn

Perhaps you are wanting to a traditional barn versus a storage building? Lumber used in barn construction is needed in many different shapes and sizes. Barns can range in size from those planned to stable a couple of horses to those meant to house more livestock or farm vehicles and equipment. To prepare for your project you can drag your logs adjacent to the exact site you want to build on and we can mill them right where you will be using them. We can create custom cut lumber according to the specifications for your project. This will allow you to save on transportation costs and get your lumber cut into sizes that may be very expensive or hard to find in the local markets while getting the satisfaction of using lumber from your property. Our mobile sawmill is brought to your location and we complete all the work right on your property. We are professionals and we get your wood milling project done to your satisfaction.

Time Well Wasted Wood Mill

Our customers enjoy working with our portable saw mill services professionals. The experience of using the timber from your own land to create something that will enhance your life on your property is one of satisfaction. We like being a part of it and would like to hear from you so that we can provide a free, no obligation quote for your project.