Portable Sawmill Services

Whether you have one log or hundreds of logs, hardwood or softwood, we bring our portable sawmill to you and cut your lumber to your specifications.  There are so many uses for your lumber, and it often makes no sense to haul trees from your property to be milled. Time Well Wasted Sawmill provides a great wood mill service on your property. This can save you time, money and it is just much more convenient then removing your trees only to bring them back as sawn lumber.

Be it lumber, decking, blanks for woodturning, furniture stock or beams and mantels, our portable saw mill can provide you with wood prepared for your next project. We have customers that have built entire homes or large barns after we visited them. We work with you to provide you with custom cut lumber or whatever you need to build what you have planned.

We bring our wood mill to your location and provide you with logs cut to lumber or to your specifications depending on what you want to do with your wood.  As you can imagine, there is some planning that goes into using our portable sawmill at your location. Our sawmill is not a lumber yard. We work with you to make the experience go off without a hitch. There must be a level area large enough to park the mill and stage logs.  We always prefer to visit the site prior to sawing.  This way, the site is orientated to be as efficient as it can be for our custom sawyer.

Some folks prefer to bring their logs to us to be sawn. If this is what works best for you, we’re flexible. Contact us today for a free quote for your project.